Financial Life Skills Programme

Bespoke programme for 16 – 30 year olds, preparing young people for employment & running their own home.

Building the Financial Capability of tomorrow’s generation.

At Kith & Kin, our focus lies in empowering individuals to make positive financial decisions. As part of that purpose, we must intervene early in peoples’ lives, and ensure they have the most skills & knowledge before they enter the working world. Through our Financial Life Skills Programme, young people can learn about a range of areas of financial management, ensuring they are more prepared for their futures.

In this session, young people will learn about

budget planning
How payslips work
Credit Scores
paying household bills

In formal education, young people are irregularly taught how to manage their money effectively, focusing on academic curriculum, rather than life skills. By educating & being open with young people about money management, we can provide them with understanding and skills that will prepare them for the world of work, and their later life.

This programme aims to build financial resilience in young people


By increasing financial confidence of 16-30 year olds by 32%


To decrease financial stress levels in the group by 28%


To increase financial knowledge of the group by 29%

What do young people say about the programme?

Gavin attended one of our sessions in a
Youth Club in Poleglass, Belfast. “I really
enjoyed the Financial Wellbeing sessions
and feel more confident about the future.”
Gavin, 18 year old.

Gavin, 18

Poleglass Youth Club

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